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Quick, what image comes to mind when you hear promotional or corporate apparel?


Branded t-shirts, big honking logos on polos, maybe even one of your favorite clothing brands all branded up? If these are among your immediate images of corporate wear, Regency360 has some surprises in store for you thanks to its new Weekend Wear™ approach to the category. In keeping with its business approach, Regency360 first seeks to understand the ultimate goal a client is seeking to achieve through its apparel program so that it can develop strategies to maximize value. After all, anyone can sell you a shirt, a great partner helps you figure out how to achieve your business objectives. Plus, your employees might actually WANT to wear their gear on their off time!



Whether your goal is employee engagement, branding and even business development, by using an advanced combination of innovation, technology, premium products and the simplicity of an industry leading company store platform, Regency360 makes it easy and affordable to have a top tier corporate apparel program for businesses of all sizes.

Want to learn more? Check out the video here.