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From the Blog / Apr 09, 2020

Keep Employees Comfy and Productive with Work-from-Home Apparel

Many people around the world are working from home during the coronavirus outbreak in an effort to maintain social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. While working from home seems like an easy transition to make, the days can quickly become blurred together when your work, home, and family environment is all one and …

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From the Blog / Mar 31, 2020

Regency360 Sales Implements Virtual Happy Hour

Companies across the world are taking new approaches to workplace collaboration as more employees transition to a remote work environment. Social distancing is a crucial element to reducing the spread of COVID-19; therefore working from home is becoming the new normal for a large amount of the workforce. One way teams are staying connected is …

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From the Blog / Mar 20, 2020

Essential Products and Tips for Working from Home

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, companies all over the country have transitioned to a remote work environment. This is part of a nationwide effort to implement Social Distancing – a practice recommended by healthcare professionals to slow down the spread of contagious diseases. Minimizing contact with people and places helps to protect everyone from …

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From the Blog / Mar 09, 2020

Five Ways to Take Action on Earth Day

April 22 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. This yearly holiday began in 1970, when 10% of Americans protested the ongoing ignorance surrounding several environmental crises. Earth Day initiated many environmental laws, acts, and new organizations in an effort to prioritize the state of our planet. 50 years later, Earth Day is growing more and …

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From the Blog / Feb 19, 2020

Six Current Promo and Apparel Trends

When it comes to promo and apparel, staying on top of current trends is very important in order to remain relevant to your target audience – but that doesn’t stop at just the products themselves. This year, trends revolving around actions are just as important as the ones centered on products and materials. Here are …

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From the Blog / Feb 11, 2020

Make the Most of Mobile Real Estate

Did you know that the average person between the ages of 18-44 looks at their phone 67 times every single day*? You should make the most of mobile real estate, as that small amount of space is extremely visible and valuable in terms of brand impressions. Custom phone grips are a great way to maximize …

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