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From the Blog / May 29, 2020

Lunch Bags Designed for the New Normal

Consumers are looking for products that will help keep themselves and their families safe from exposure to germs while transitioning back to work and school. Shared eating surfaces such as lunch tables, break room counters, picnic areas and more will require extra measures to maintain a clean and safe environment while managing daily eating routines. …

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From the Blog / May 12, 2020

Important Elements of a Successful Online Company Store

Many companies are looking ahead for ways to improve business and rebound from the economical effects of COVID19. Therefore, now is the time to evaluate processes and ensure your eCommerce experience is optimized – setting you up for success. If you don’t currently have a strong company store platform in place, now is the time …

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From the Blog / Apr 24, 2020

Stay Healthy with these Home Fitness Products

Gyms and fitness studios across the country have closed their doors in an effort to reduce the spread of germs. We all know that exercise is a healthy habit, but when routines are interrupted and the ability to head to the gym is lost, it can be easy for routines to disappear and for exercise …

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From the Blog / Apr 17, 2020

Say “Thank You” to Healthcare Professionals with Custom Gift Sets

Across the world, healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the front lines by taking care of COVID-19 patients. These healthcare heroes are going above and beyond to help fight the global pandemic – more often than not, sacrificing their own safety in the process. Many have separated themselves from their own families in an effort …

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From the Blog / Apr 09, 2020

Keep Employees Comfy and Productive with Work-from-Home Apparel

Many people around the world are working from home during the coronavirus outbreak in an effort to maintain social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. While working from home seems like an easy transition to make, the days can quickly become blurred together when your work, home, and family environment is all one and …

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From the Blog / Mar 31, 2020

Regency360 Sales Implements Virtual Happy Hour

Companies across the world are taking new approaches to workplace collaboration as more employees transition to a remote work environment. Social distancing is a crucial element to reducing the spread of COVID-19; therefore working from home is becoming the new normal for a large amount of the workforce. One way teams are staying connected is …

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