Case Study

The Power of Promotional Products

This proven program was designed to reduce company healthcare costs while decreasing absenteeism and improving employee productivity. A healthy, prosperous workforce makes for a strong business. Investing in health in the workplace reduces healthcare costs, improves productivity and makes businesses more successful.

Promotional products remain less expensive per impression than most other forms of advertising. The investment in ad specialties is modest, more targeted and allows for much greater levels of interaction with consumers than other forms of advertising.

This illustrates the power of promotional products:

• 89% of consumers have received a promotional product in the last 6 months

• 83% use them more than once a day

• 90% remember the brand from the promotional product they received

• 83% are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product

Promotional products can play a key role in part of your comprehensive health and wellness program with a core focus on the following:

• Reducing healthcare costs

• Reducing employee absenteeism

• Improving employee productivity

With our comprehensive health and wellness program, and a solid understanding of your organizational needs, we can help you too!

Download the full Case Study here.