Case Study

Executive Summary

A personal care senior living company with multiple locations needed our help finding a solution for carrying tablets. Most of their staff use tablets rather than pen and paper, and they needed a unique belt style design. After looking at multiple products that didn’t quite meet their needs, the client reached out for help. We ultimately created a custom designed tablet holder, providing a product that met every aspect of their need.


The client provided a link from a popular online retailer, asking if we could find something similar for their tablets. This would be a large order as they needed 100+ units per location. The main challenge was that all ready-to-order options from everyday vendors weren’t what the client needed in terms of functionality. They needed something that functioned like a belt clip, rather than an over-the-shoulder or tie holster. Sizing was also an issue – they needed a product versatile enough to fit all body types.


After realizing the turn time for overseas production was too slow, we then found a domestic vendor who could create a custom designed tablet holder to fit the client’s needs. After finding a pre-made belt online, they began working on the actual tablet holder itself. The vendor produced multiple prototypes, making many adjustments for the client to achieve the perfect product. After the first prototype, the client decided to include a stylus holder – thus increasing the functionality of the piece. The vendor was able to quickly make this adjustment and produce an additional prototype, which was approved as the final product.


We provided a unique solution and created a custom designed tablet holder, designing a completely new product all with a domestic vendor. This allowed for faster turnaround as well as smaller quantity requirements. This process was handled with maximum efficiency, going from the “idea stage” to all units ready for shipment in less than three months. Additionally, the client’s projected expenses were reduced by 50% from the initial quotes.

Custom Designed Tablet Holster Branded

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