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custom journal

I was an early adopter of note taking apps. Evernote, Notability, Apple Notes—I have all of them on my devices. I can access everything from the cloud, of course. Which is great. Why so many apps, you ask? I’m still searching for the perfect handwriting solution. I like to take handwritten meeting notes. When people see me scribble a note when they say something, they know I’m focused on them—in real time. Not typing an email to my boss while nodding absent-mindedly.

Problem is, my handwriting— not great anyway—becomes an illegible scrawl on my iPad. Even with a stylus (when I remember to bring it).

This was my thinking recently, when I posted up on Facebook to see how other folks handle their note taking. Turns out people are omnivores. Sometimes digital. Sometimes paper notepads. Or both—think tablet case with legal pad and built-in keypad. Some have multiple notepads. Use one for a while, then switch. I do that. Then there are the fabled back-of-the-napkin notes.

My favorite swag

custom journal

I was reminded of the charms of paper last month when I attended the Regency360 national sales conference in Orlando. We were each given a really nice leather-bound conference journal for our notes and contacts. Inside are some customized brand pages that reinforce our brand positioning and competitive points of difference. What a great way to connect employees every day to the company’s mission and values.

This notebook itself says something good about our company—and not just with the embossed logo. It says we pay attention to detail. And execution. Taking meeting notes in it is one way we show respect for our partners.

What about you? Paper? Digital? Both?

Check out the video on what Regency360 can do with custom journal personalization – all to market and get messages across to customers.