Case Study

Regency360 database integration solves a nagging and potentially costly problem.

Engineering and Architecture

27 locations

1000+ employees

Executive Summary

The client’s employees include architects, engineers, designers and related staff in 27 locations around the globe from Nairobi to the US Heartland. With a broad footprint in very diverse markets, maintaining brand consistency can be a challenge even with business cards. Regency360 was tasked to find a solution to maintain uniformity, and just as important, ensure 100% accuracy in reported credentials for hundreds of users in a vertical where presentation and precision are imperative.


In the fields of architecture and engineering, credibility can mean the difference between closing the deal and being closed out. Further, with the vast number of available certifications and areas of expertise, employees are eager to display their accomplishments.  The client found that inaccuracy of these credentials on employee business cards could potentially under-qualify or over-qualify a candidate for an assigned opportunity. These errors have resulted in costly reprinting in the past, and could result in litigation due to misrepresentation. The core challenge for Regency360 was to simplify the ordering process and guarantee accuracy.


Through several discovery sessions with the client, the Regency360 team proposed an integration with the client’s HR software. This would allow validation of user credentials through the currently-deployed HR system as a precursor to production of business cards. Regency360 built a custom webstore for the client with an integrated connection to the employee database.

To place an order for business cards, the client’s employees are prompted to enter their internal employee ID, after which their location assignment, user credentials and contact information are pulled into the webstore. If user details have not already been validated by HR, the user is prompted to complete that process prior to ordering business cards. If already validated, an electronic, pdf proof is presented for the user to view with all required information pre-populated. Users cannot manually key their information which ensures that credentials are produced in accordance to the client’s standards, and are current and accurate.


The ordering process for business cards is greatly simplified for users by requiring only their employee ID to produce an accurate business card in a standardized, company-defined format. The client’s corporate office allows users to order cards as-needed while maintaining confidence in a consistent, global presentation and accurately represented user-qualifications.