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It may be counterintuitive that direct mail is still a highly effective tool in the digital age. The numbers don’t lie, though. According to a Small Business Trends study, 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet, and 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. Knowing this, it only makes sense to include some type of direct mail in your sales outreach.

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Executive Summary

An international consulting firm was always on the lookout for clever ways to grab the attention of their prospects, and for the last several years used a high end, customized promotional program to target C-level decision makers.  “Dimensional mail” pieces that are delivered in a box, tube, or other three-dimensional shape have a much higher success rate compared to traditional flat mail pieces and have been a great tool for their consultants to rise above the noise during their sales outreach and improve their hit rate of setting appointments.


First, the current dimensional mail program had been in place for several years.  Many of their prospects had received the campaign before and they needed something new.  Second, the current mailer, while effective, had a high price tag and a more budget friendly option was needed as an alternative.  Third, it was preferred that the mailer be consistent with the client’s current messaging.  Lastly, personalization was critical.  It was very important to their consultants to include a custom note with each mailing.


A patented, 3” pop-up cube with a self-mailer met each of these challenges.  Delivered to the recipient via USPS, when the mailer is “unzipped” a 3’ x 3” cube pops open, jumping out of a full color envelope.  In addition to being interactive, the eight full color panels of the cube provided significant real estate for messaging.  The inside of the envelope was printed as well, and the copy clearly explained the client value proposition, paving the way for a follow up phone call from the consultant.

The cube shape speaks to them,” said Stephanie Page, Director of Strategic Account Development at Regency360.  “They have other marketing pieces that revolve around that cube design, so the pop-up cube was a perfect fit,” Page explained.  The mailer was purchased in a bulk quantity, packaged in sets of 25, and made available for purchase on their company store.


Something new and different?  Check. Lower price point? Check.  Consistent with their messaging?  Check-Check!

One final challenge faced the team for a clean sweep.  The client needed a way to personalize the piece to create a truly unique experience, without compromising quality.  When an order was placed on the company store, the mailing packages were then delivered to the consultants unsealed.  A customized insert was printed “on-demand” at the time of order and shipped along with the mailers.  One side had the consultant contact information and the other side was blank.  The consultant wrote a highly specific and relevant message to the prospect, inserted into the package, and sealed it to be mailed.

“Our direct mailing efforts were becoming stagnate and needed a refresher. While our aluminum dimensional mailer is still a great tool, some of our consultants were either bored with using it or needed a cheaper alternative. The pop-up cube mailers were the answer we were looking for. The cost is incredibly reasonable and much less than the higher end mailer, but still provides that memorable, stand-out experience that only a three-dimensional piece can give. Additionally, it can be combined with other mailers in an extended marketing campaign and still be cost effective.”

Jackie Burnes | Head of US Marketing Team

“…for me, the mailers are very important, well done, and a key part of my marketing.”

Senior Principal Consultant | Expense Reduction Analysts | California

“I was bored with the banks. The mailers are very professional, very nice looking, and they have rejuvenated my cold call marketing campaign approach.”

Principal Consultant | Expense Reduction Analysts | New Jersey

Josh Jahn, Account Executive at Regency has worked with the client for over two years.  “This was an awesome project to work on, Josh said.  There is nothing more satisfying than finding an innovative solution to a client problem.  As a sales professional, it was even more worthwhile knowing the program will help generate new business for the firm.  It’s a big win for everyone.”