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This series will give you the chance to learn a little more about the great people who make up the Regency360 team. Every month a new Employee Spotlight will be released, giving you the opportunity to get to know some of our great hard-working people!

Lindsay Trant

Operations Manager

What made you want to work for Regency?

I did not actually apply to Regency when I was hired. I was a volunteer for 1ofUs which is a non-profit that Regency works closely with to support. I had a unique opportunity to get to know the staff here in a different capacity and when I was approached for becoming a part of the team, it was a no brainer that it was a good fit.

What is a normal day like for you at work?

Is that a thing? I’m not sure I’ve had a normal day or routine ever. Part of what makes me love my job is that no two days are the same here. One day I can be working on Marketing and the next is a full HR day.

How has working with Regency been beneficial to your career? What have you learned?

I have learned an exponential amount from working at regency. I came into my role with a recruiting background and have developed a very diverse skill set that allows me to work across all departments. I’ve grown as a person to refine my habits to work smarter, not harder as well as my knowledge base of this industry and the various platforms we utilize.

What has been your favorite part about working here?

The people hands down. I don’t know many offices that have a family culture like we do. Everyone genuinely cares about what is going on in each other’s worlds outside of work. It makes for a good work-life balance to know there is understanding of how important family is and Regency aims to accommodate as much as possible.

What is something unique about your experience at Regency?

I can honestly say that I have spent time working in every department; warehouse, accounting, sales, you name it and I’ve most likely have had experience or a project there. I can go into the warehouse to pull an order and push it through the shipping process to assisting accounting with invoices and troubleshooting an IT issue.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? Tell us a fun fact about you.

I enjoy being active and cooking. I am really conscious about eating healthy and low processed foods so I’m all about meal prep. You have to be when you drag your butt to the gym at 5AM for OrangeTheory.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I am an avid reader and still prefer a good paper book to read at night. My iPad is typically dead more then it stays charged because it’s my glorified kindle and I only remember it when I’m traveling and want to read or Netflix it.