Case Study

The firm needed assistance as it pertained to their ordering process, so Regency360 came in to help.

Engineering Industry

14 locations

300 Employees

Executive Summary

Regency360 aided the client by introducing the concept of a company store to cut down on production time and increase available products. This led to a quicker turnaround time and the ability to track all orders.


When a product specialist with Regency360 reached out to the client’s marketing manager to discuss company stores, he discovered that the company was processing all orders at their headquarters manually and tracking everything through an excel spreadsheet. The marketing manager was hesitant to get involved, but after learning of the numerous advantages of a company store and seeing the product, she came on board.


The Regency360 specialist sent an engraved tumbler to the marketing manager to show the personal touches available in the products that the company store offered. He also explained that through a monthly summary bill that would be handled by Regency360, the company would be able to buy promo in bulk and track who had ordered what inventory. This allowed for their 14 locations to order high end apparel on demand with a speedy turnaround.

"They are my best relationship as far as customers because they value the relationship that we have and the open lines of communication.”

360 Specialist


Through Regency360, all items going specifically through the company store saved the company 50 percent in just one year. The client has since found that more business has been generated and the efficiency has saved time and money as they can rely on Regency360 and their company store to be consistent and reliable.