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Collapsible can insulators are one of the most common and cost effective giveaways. Use some of these ideas as a way to step up your koozie game and make your giveaway stand out!

NEOPRENE: High-Quality Neoprene (Wetsuite Material) instantly sets this koozie apart. Combine with a full color process sublimation on the imprint and customizable stitch colors and bias trims, the decoration options are endless! Priced as low as $3.41

FREEZABLE: This koozie features freezer gel packs built in! Freeze this insulator to keep your beverage colder longer! Priced as low as $6.09

SPARKLE & SHINE: Metallic, High-Quality Neoprene (Wetsuit Material) makes your giveaway shine! Priced as low as $1.25

METALLIC: Strong magnets sewn into the sides allows you to turn metal surfaces into a resting place for your drink! Priced as low as $5.03.

CUSTOM SHAPES: Utilize custom shapes to tie your giveaway into your theme! Choose from sneakers, boots, tshirts, sports balls and more! Prices vary.

POCKETS: Add a full color process sublimated Neoprene pocket to the size of your koozie! Priced as low as $1.67.