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Were you affected by the Bomb Cyclone Storm of January 2018? With that much snow and ice, this product is a must-have for anyone!

This Heated Ice Scraper is a fantastic solution for clearing windshields off without a whole lot of effort. It plugs into your car’s 12V outlet and has an aluminum heating element to assist the process. While it might not stop the ice from getting there in the first place, it can sure help clear it. No need to struggle anymore to remove the accumulated ICE off your Windshield!

1. Plug into Cars 12 Volt outlet – it has 15 Feet extended Cord

2. Comes with LED “ON” Light to indicate: the device is On

3. Extended handle of extra 5.5 inches to reach hard spots to the center of the Windshield easily

4. Built in Light to be able to use it also in the dark

5. The Heating Element made of Aluminum for safety

6. Built in on the TOP thermoplastic rubber squeegee to wipe of the melted ice