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Think for a moment about your biggest business problems. Marketing, logistics, social media, human resources? As Mark Cuban says, “sales cures all problems.”

Whatever business needs you have, growing sales becomes paramount at some point. The team at Regency360 begins with this simple question, “What business goal are you trying to solve with the help of promotional goods and apparel?” After all, there are many companies that can help you with promotional products, direct mail programs, corporate apparel, and even company stores, but can they help you with your ultimate challenge and actually increase your sales?

Stephanie Page, Winner of the 2017 Fast and Furious Award at the Young Innovator’s Conference

Recently, Regency360 manager Stephanie Page was able to help one of her partners solve a sales lead generation problem. Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is one of the largest specialist consultancies in cost management worldwide that helps organizations unlock their potential by finding sustainable savings opportunities. They had purchased some innovative promotional products as part of a direct mail campaign, but they weren’t doing the trick. Stephanie stepped up, and offered her perspective, helping reimagine the promo as a personalized story delivered to each potential prospect in a special and memorable way.

With Stephanie’s input, these branded gifts helped ERA increase interest in the campaign and left a more memorable brand impression for the prospects! A combination of personalization and some of Regency360’s sales enablement technology took a good idea of company logo merchandise and turned it into action.

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"While we had a good relationship with our previous vendor, they did not have the resources to help us achieve our goal of improving our packaging for this direct mailing campaign and we needed to find someone that could step up to the challenge. Not only did Stephanie and her team face this challenge head on, they did so with a positive and understanding outlook which made working with them rewarding. It can be hard to understand our business and some of the hurdles we face without being immersed in it on a daily basis. However, Stephanie has been able to look at our projects through our point of view since day one. Her responsiveness, knowledge, creative mind, and positive attitude makes her a rockstar. This team has been phenomenal to work with and I would highly recommend using Regency360 for your marketing needs."

Jackie Burnes