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It’s already October, which means the holidays are soon approaching and it’s time to think about what you will be sending customers and prospects this holiday season. Businesses understand the importance of sending clients something memorable this time of year. E-holiday cards are a thing of yesterday; they have low open rates (if they don’t end up in spam), are easy to delete or ignore, and don’t reflect well on your brand. But, what’s important to remember, and is often ignored, is your holiday card is a marketing touch, so it should be treated with the same significance as your regular campaigns.

Red Paper Plane has over 60 interactive holiday card designs. You simply choose your holiday card format, download the template, and place your artwork. Don’t have a designer? No problem! Red Paper Plane has ready-to-personalize cards, already professionally designed with beautiful holiday artwork. Personalize them with your message and logo at no additional cost.

These cards are attention-getting and interactive. Whether a rubber-band activated cube unexpectedly springs in the air, an intricate snowflake design magically comes to life, or a beautiful winter scene is encased by a mystical snow globe, all are sure to surprise and delight.

With a marketing touch as important as this, make sure you send something that stands out and is remembered. Visit Red Paper Plane online to see the full collection!