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You may be hearing a lot about PPAI when you talk to anyone in the promotional or apparel industry. Well what is it? PPAI is the Promotional Products Association International.The PPAI Expo is the premier trade show for the promotional products industry. It’s the longest-running, best-attended, biggest industry event of the year. This is the who’s who and what’s trending for branded items in both the promotional and apparel industries.

This is the show that allows the industry a preview of products that will release over the next calendar year and what the next biggest trends will be to replace the current hot items. We are excited to have a team of our top performers and experts attending this industry expo, making it possible for us to stay on the forefront of all the latest and greatest products out there.

Are you already considering what you may do for customer appreciation gifts this year? Employee thank you gifts or incentives? New items for your internal company stores? We are excited to find unique items that fit your upcoming projects. Send us over your 2019 marketing project and events list and we will come back with ideas for you!


If you’re not sure what your needs are at this time, keep an eye out for out Top Item list we will be posting on our return from PPAI.