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Did you know that the average person between the ages of 18-44 looks at their phone 67 times every single day*? You should make the most of mobile real estate, as that small amount of space is extremely visible and valuable in terms of brand impressions. Custom phone grips are a great way to maximize your brand’s visibility. The original POP Socket has risen to the top in terms of popularity among the various options available for phone grips and stands. By branching out of their classic options and developing a wide variety of products using multiple styles and materials, they are saturating the market even more. Consider one of these POPular products for your next promo initiative, making the best use of the real estate available on your audience’s mobile devices.

PopGrip Iridescent

Mobile Real Estate IridescentPopGrip Iridescent Multiple Views

With all of the 90’s fashion coming back into style, this is the perfect product to stay on trend. This finish pairs nicely with black or white imprints, allowing the multiple colors of the iridescent material to really shine. Combined with a fanny pack and velvet scrunchie, you can’t go wrong!

iShine Glow

Mobile real Estate iShine Glow OpeniShine Glow Stacked

This dual-purpose phone and beauty accessory is the perfect product for putting your best face forward. This compact mirror adheres to the back of your phone and includes dual mirrors, a ring of lights, and three different brightness settings. You can also prop the mirror open, allowing it to be used as a phone stand.

PopGrip BackSpin

Mobile Real Estate PopGrip BackSpin

Upgrade your fidget spinner with the BackSpin PopGrip. This product comes in silver or black metal and is equipped with ball bearings, creating a perfect fidget device mounted right on the back of your phone. Laser engrave your logo or branding elements to this product to create a sleek, modern phone grip option.


Mobile Real Estate Popwallet AdhesivePopWallet Removable

This product allows you to have a compact walled AND a POPsocket on your phone at once – solving the problems of having to choose between mobile accessories, and losing your wireless charge functionality. Offering a sleek and secure way to carry important cards, this product has a built-in POPsocket that folds flat so your device can still fit comfortably in your pocket. This product allows wireless charging by allowing easy temporary removal of the wallet portion.


PopMinis AppliedPopMinis Black or White

Is one single POPSocket just not enough to satisfy? What about three? These PopMinis can be positioned across the back of your phone to provide a variety of grip and stand options. Each PopMini can be individually decorated – allowing you to have not one, not two – but three different branding elements. The possibilities are endless!

PopGrip Enamel

PopGrip Enamel SpicyPopGrip Enamel Donut

If you want to take your designs to the next level, consider a PopGrip with an Enamel finish. With Enamel pins growing in popularity, this PopGrip is very on trend and sure to be a hit. Enamel gives you the ability to add texture and dimension to your piece, and also adds a nice weighted element.