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New Hire Kits from Regency360 are a great way to welcome employees on their first day of work. These kits can be especially useful for helping remote employees feel like part of the team, by providing them with company branded swag. Kits are also beneficial for providing new hires with the essential products they need to get up and running.

Regency360 makes creating new hire kits a simple, easy process. With the option to order your kits one at a time, or purchase large amounts of inventory, we can make your new hire kit program function based on budgets and criteria that work for your business. We can also act as a central distribution hub to receive all elements of the kits while also handling order fulfillment.

Perhaps the most important element to your new hire kit is the product selection itself. In order for your kit program to be a success, you want to make sure each product is selected carefully and intentionally. Our team of purchasing and sourcing experts will help you choose products that are sure to be a hit with your new employees.

Here are some tips on putting together the perfect New Hire Kit from Regency360 for your next employee.

  • Think about what your employee will need while on the job, vs. products that may not be useful.
    • Choose practical products for your kit so you can be confident your investment will be put to good use. Things like drinkware, notebooks, coolers, and headphones are all great options sure to prove useful for your new employees.
  • Include a piece of company branded apparel – even if your employee is working remote.
    • While many people are currently working in a remote environment, high quality apparel is still a great option. Put your logo on comfortable, on-trend pieces that your employees will want to wear at home or the office. Stick with neutral colors, or colors that compliment your company brand.
  • Choose quality over quantity
    • While cheap items may be more budget friendly, the overall impression and quality will suffer. Your investment would be better spent on a few high quality products, as opposed to several cheaper, lower quality goods. This will greatly improve the impact made by your new hire kits.
  • Opt for personalized items when you can
    • Most items you select for your new hire kit will be branded with your company’s logo. However, consider going the extra mile and personalizing items with the name of your new hire. This shows that extra time and care has been taken in producing the new hire kit, specifically for them.
  • Include a welcome message from the employees team or manager
    • A great way to boost morale is by including a personalized message from coworkers or managers. Include the message printed on high quality paper, or printed on the first page of a notebook.

Product kits can also be useful outside of onboarding – create kits for client appreciation, incentives, prizes, and more. Regency360 can help you with the entire process, from product sourcing to delivery. Send us a message with any questions, and we will be more than happy to help!


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