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You see a lot of discussion these days of the effectiveness of print items when it comes to marketing campaigns. One of the most impactful examples of this are the use of branded and personalized Calendars and Holiday Cards. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year to acknowledge those that have had an impact on your business; from the employees to the vendors and most importantly, the customers that make it all a success.

Here at Regency360, giving and receiving Holiday cards is one of the few ways we like to take a moment to appreciate all those that make our business what it is today. Snail Mail is still alive and generates a special feeling.

We not only assist with making the card selection and calendars special for our customers, we love to see all the different ones we receive as a company. A favorite alternative to the Holiday Card is creating it into a piece of marketing that will last for the full year. How many of us have a calendar magnet hanging on the fridge that we received in the mail?

Check out some of these fun and unique cards and calendars that highlight some of the innovate techniques used in the printing industry today. Maybe some of these will spark some inspiration for your own designs. It’s never too early to get a head start on your orders today.

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