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Office Culture is a very big factor for company success. The culture in your office can be the deciding factor in employee retention, productivity, morale, and office successes. The hardest part of company culture is defining what kind of office environment you want to promote. There are many studies on how company guidelines for clean desks, food policies, wellness, and office perks can have a direct impact in how your employees interact and the work they are producing. Here’s an article if you want to read more about the different types.

At Regency 360 we have developed a hybrid of the Family- First and Horizontal culture where we know family emergencies can happen. We all do a little bit of everything and not much for titles.  These are important values and a big part of our culture.

We each have first, a family to care for and then work. We rally when someone is sick or out unexpectedly. It’s a great culture to know that if you are not 100% physically or mentally, there is someone that cares. As a company we want to support our employees to get them feeling their best self.

We celebrate this culture in many ways in our corporate office. One of our favorite things are our Birthday Lunches the third Thursday of every month. This gives us an opportunity to take a mental break and check in with those in other departments. We amp up the fun with mini games/activities each month like guess the baby photo, Easter egg hunt, cornhole tournaments, and friendly competitions between departments.  Sure, it’s just another catered lunch, but its one that has meaning and a purpose to it. How good do you feel when someone recognizes your birthday?

We want to encourage our employees to take pride in the work they do and enjoy those they work with. Another way we focus on employee happiness are regular giveaways in the departments of company swag; we are a promotional items and apparel company after all. It’s one of the best perks to get to test out different products and be able to speak from experience if we love or hate an item.

Our marketing team works hard to keep our company incentive store up to date with current trends and items. We can take it to the next level and personalize items so someone doesn’t walk off with your new speaker. Personally, for us with the ever-changing market prefer to keep our store with minimal inventory. We inventory our print materials, but our electronics and apparel can be hand picked out from each employee with the color, logo, and placement of logo they prefer best.

Our new hires get started with simple desk swag and during training, incentive gift certificates to shop our company store. We want every new employee to get excited about the solutions we bring to customers and the endless creativity of using promo products to help our customer tell a story.

Whether you create your company culture with activities, office giveaways, competitions, or swag; create it with purpose and an objective. An office is only as good as the employees that are working in it. Focus on what is important to your employees and you’ll see the positive shift in morale.