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The 2020 PPAI Expo provided thousands of opportunities to discover new products and trends for the upcoming year. Our team spent two full days walking the show floor, and their discoveries did not disappoint! Here is a list of some of our team’s favorite products from the show.

Momo Stick Phone Grip

A great alternative to the ever-popular POP Socket, the Momo Stick attaches to the back of your phone and creates a perfect grip for your finger. You can also use the Momo Stick as a phone stand, and it can even sit in the vent of your car to act as a phone mount while driving. With barely any bulk added to your device, the Momo is a great minimalistic option to add a more secure grip on your phone. Keep your eyes out for this product’s release later this year!

MyCharge Adventure Solar Powerfold

The days of carrying around multiple charging cables for your phone and your power bank are no more! This solar charged power bank can fully power your phone after being left in direct sunlight to transfer the light to re-chargeable energy. The device folds down to wallet size, allowing for easy portability. Once the power bank is charged, the solar panels can detach for an even lighter unit. This device also has an integrated flashlight with SOS and strobe modes for emergency situations.

Translucent Fanny Pack

Everyone knows that the good ol’ fanny pack is coming back as one of the hottest trends for 2020. Be honest – you have one sitting in your shopping cart right now. We’re here to tell you it’s okay to rock the pack! This particular product is very versatile, especially if you attend a lot of concerts or sporting events. Many venues are implementing “clear-only” bag policies, and this is the perfect solution! Cross-body or around the waist, you can’t go wrong.

Mobile Office Commuter Sleeve

Everyone knows that working remote from a location other than your regular workspace can be a challenge. Have you ever struggled with finding your hard drive, favorite pen, or pair of headphones that you just dropped down into your work bag? This sleeve helps people who don’t work in a typical office setting keep all of their remote working essentials organized. Capable of storing everything from a computer, papers, headphones, cell phones, charge cables, pens and more – this product is a must for keeping your mobile workstation efficient and functional.

Blue Light Glasses

When you work on a computer for a living, your eyes can become extremely fatigued after a few hours of staring at a screen. These glasses, rated at 76% blue light reduction, ease the strain that computers, phones and tablets cause on your eyes. These unisex frames can be Pantone matched and are fully customizable, allowing you to create the perfect pair of glasses to show off at work all day long.

Basecamp Mt. Wilson Dry Backpack

This ultra-lightweight waterproof backpack is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. The roll down top closes with a buckle to assist with keeping your items as dry as possible, and also serves as a carrying handle. The backpack also folds up into a convenient pouch with carabiner, making it the perfect size for people who like to travel light. To make this item even more special – Basecamp is donating proceeds from this item and other Basecamp product purchases to help support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wine Bottle Umbrella

Nobody likes trying to put away your umbrella while it’s still soaking wet from the rain. This unique design allows you to store your umbrella regardless of how much water it’s still holding – keeping your car, bag or floor dry! With tons of decoration options, this product is sure to be a talking point the next time you get caught in a storm.

Mood Stainless Steel Water Bottle

We’ve all seen the color-changing plastic cups that you can get at restaurants, sporting events, and parties – typically geared towards children. We know you secretly use them yourself because, c’mon – color changing?! It’s just a fun style! Let go of all your fears that your co-workers will walk in on you filling up your kid’s color changing cup from the restaurant you ate at last week by instead using this awesome stainless steel, very grown-up water bottle. Just fill it with cold water and watch it transform from white to one of four color options!

Wool Coasters

Some people may not know that wool is actually the most hydrophilic of all natural fibers, and that it can absorb as much as 30% of its weight without even feeling wet. This is why it makes a perfect material for coasters – assuring that the condensation from your beverage will not soak through a more flimsy paper alternative. This 4 set of coasters is sleek and minimalistic – perfect for your next dinner party or game night. These are also a perfect for restaurants that are currently using disposable paper coasters if they want to switch to a reusable alternative!


You’re cruising down the road in your truck heading out for a day of fun with friends when you look in your rear view mirror and realize….that your tailgate is open and your cooler is missing. Party = ruined. The MagnaCooler is equipped with 4x 115lb pull magnets built into the interior, ensuring a strong connection when placed on any metal surface such as a truck bed, construction equipment, and more. Even if you own something made of fiberglass such as a boat or a paddle board – do not worry, because the MagnaCooler also comes equipped with four heavy duty suction cups to prevent your cooler full of goodies from being tossed overboard.

Arlington Wireless Charging Portfolio

Upgrade your basic padfolio with this amazing product! This padfolio features a power bank which powers a wireless charging pad built in to the cover, as well as an internal USB port for devices that do not charge wirelessly. The interior holds a replaceable notebook as well as a 3 card holder, phone stand, and elastic accessory storage, and more.

4 Piece BBQ Tool Set

Calling all grill masters – this 4 piece BBQ tool set is perfect to flip and turn all your grilling favorites. The set is stored in a zippered case when not in use, which is customizable. The set includes a chef’s spatula, grilling tongs, quilted oven mit, and the storage case with a pocket. This is a great item for use in a client gift basket, employee awards and recognition program, or incentive initiatives!

Arclight Flashlight and Electric Lighter

This lighter is no ordinary device – it uses an electric current to produce an arc hot enough to light anything a normal flame can – and it won’t blow out in the wind! The built-in LED flashlight with three different light modes makes this the perfect outdoor and emergency companion. It is also compact in size at only 3.75″ long, making it easy to carry in a pocket or glove box.

Full Color Scrunchies

Another blast from the past that’s becoming one of the hottest trends of the year – these scrunchies are made of a breathable polyester and spandex blend and are a great accessory for every day wear! You can completely customize this item with full color, full bleed CMYK printing – creating the perfect design. You can also add an optional woven tag and full color packaging to really make this seemingly simple product come together as a trendy, retail quality piece.

Impress Glo Light Displays

Turn an ordinary banner ad or large format poster into an attention grabbing piece by opting for one of these Glo Light Displays. The backlit dye-sublimated fabric creates a warm glow to illuminate your brand or message – making your business stand out from the crowd. This product includes two panels so you can make use of both sides of the display. The heavy aluminum frame ensures your display won’t be easily knocked down or moved.


Games Kit Signature Collection

Available May 2020, this compact kit includes dominos, dice and playing cards to keep you entertained on road trips, flights, or game nights. Small in size, this product is easily portable to bring the fun with you. The high quality game pieces can be used to play hundreds of different games, and they are all packaged up in a custom branded metal tin.

Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker

The Vintage Bluetooth speaker brings back a classic look while using cutting edge technology, creating the perfect desk or table accessory. This speaker can wirelessly connect to your tablet or phone up to 30 feet away, and it features a metal grill, retro On / Off volume selector, non-skid padded feet and a charging indicator light. Includes a micro USB charging cable and rechargeable Lithium battery. Another trend this year is vintage style products, and this retro speaker does not disappoint!

And there you have it! Some of our favorite products from the 2020 PPAI Expo. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these products, drop us an email at, or contact your sales rep if you are an existing customer.