Case Study

Consulting Industry

650 Consultants

500 Clients

Executive Summary

A nationally recognized management consulting firm was seeking to break through the B2B marketing noise and create some new client relationships. The company was using promotional items for outreach but only getting a tepid response. How could the company create a greater level of impact from its business development efforts? By fully understanding the ultimate business goal of promotional goods, Regency360 was able to help design a fully integrated plan to achieve measurable results.


Promotional items are frequently under utilized by small and medium businesses because they aren’t integrated with an overall end-goal resulting in ineffective deployment and return on investment. At Regency360, the first question is always to ask about the ultimate objective. What are promotional goods being used to accomplish, what’s the end goal? Our team seeks to get under the hood of client challenges and problems and seek to find innovative solutions.


A global cost management consulting company that helps organizations identify and reduce expenses recently came to Regency360 to discuss its promotional goods. The company had purchased hundreds of metal “puzzle safes” that they wanted to deliver to top prospects. The puzzle safes were designed to be tricky to open, something that would hopefully spark a discussion amongst prospects on how they could generate cash flow and unlock hidden savings. The puzzle safes were an innovative promotional item, but some recipients understood the hidden message and some didn’t.

As Stephanie Page and Josh Jahn in the Regency Dallas office described, “it was a matter of context. The meaning of the safe was hard to understand without more information. Once Stephanie and Josh were able to better understand the overall objective, getting new business prospects and creating comprehensive solutions using relationship building techniques to help build and manage relationships with new clients. This project was a great example on how real human interaction and relationship building played a big part in creating success. Great proof that when you really make an effort to build and nurture relationships, actively listen and understand the client’s true objectives – innovative solutions that fit the need for both clients and their customers will emerge and become a reality.

"Not only did Stephanie and her team face this challenge head on, they did so with a positive and understanding outlook which made working with them rewarding. Her responsiveness, knowledge, creative mind and positive attitude makes her a rock star. I would highly recommend using Regency360 for your marketing needs."

Jackie Burns, Head of US Marketing Team, Expense Reduction Analysts


A custom communication piece in the form of a shipping box that stood out from the ordinary with personalized touches including prospect’s name, a personalized letter, and a note that clarified the puzzle safe. By moving beyond a promotional product and thinking about the goal, Stephanie and Josh were able to help come up with a creative and effective solution. Company representatives reported much better results in potential client relationship building and acquisition. The promotion was so successful that it was awarded first place at the Fast & Furious Competition at PSDA’s 2017 Young Innovators Conference in Denver.