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We are thrilled to announce Regency360 now offers Under Armour apparel as part of an exclusive partnership through the promotional products distribution network.  Less than 3% of all promotional distributors are authorized to participate in the program.

Under Armour is a leading supplier of sportswear well known for its celebrity sponsorship agreements with top athletes including Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, and Jordan Spieth.  In the last year, Under Armour has subtly moved into the promotional products industry while still maintaining the strong integrity of the overall Under Armour brand that people have come to expect.

“Our employees were very impressed with the quality of the UA Jackets that we presented as Safety Awards. UA is a known brand, and this partnership allows me to provide employees with top of the line awards that are appreciated.”

Spencer Farrow, QEHS Director, J&J Worldwide Services.

As their literature states, they have a desire to “be better [in a way which] transcends all aspects of our life including our work…Under Armour brings that same passion to the workplace with an assortment of styles that allow you to align your team with the winning attitude of Under Armour.”

The offering includes 57 styles, including 38 apparel pieces, 13 headwear items, and six bags, which can be decorated with the customer’s branding through a stringent approval process with Under Armour.