In addition to custom Company Stores and Landing Pages, Regency360 offers Printing Services, Corporate Apparel, Promotional Products and related materials.  The possibilities are infinite with Regency360.

Managing corporate apparel can be a full time job: selecting the right items, inventory issues, order minimums, decoration, multiple suppliers, the list goes on. We can help you design a program that meets your specific requirements with all the major brands. We then automate the process with a custom webstore, virtually eliminating the labor intensive manual processes of ordering corporate apparel.


Corporate Apparel Decoration Techniques & Locations


What is Weekend Wear?


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Weekend Wear™

Corporate Apparel is often thought of as traditional, conservative, and let’s face it, boring.  We have changed all that by creating a category called Weekend Wear™. What is Weekend Wear™?  Weekend Wear™ is apparel that your employees want to wear when they’re not at the office.  There are three main reasons someone avoids wearing traditional corporate apparel: quality, fashion, and decoration.

Weekend Wear™ uses brands that are retail-based. They’re familiar designs, styles, and fashions that employees would make choices to wear on their own.  Brands like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, North Face, Columbia, Brooks Brothers, Travis Matthews, Peter Millar, Bella + Canvas, and American Apparel all fit the bill.  This takes care of quality and fashion.

Third is decoration.  We’re all familiar with the traditional left chest decoration. It’s perfect for trade shows, and out in the field on a sales or service call when you need to be recognized as a representative of that company.   However, in the evening or on the weekend, no one wants to be a walking billboard.  Weekend Wear™ is still decorated with your logo, but perhaps in a subtle location.  In addition, by using creative techniques and methods, you keep your branding visible, and get more return on your investment since the clothing is being worn during “off” hours. For more detail about Regency360 Weekend Wear™, check out this blog post or video.

Unique Corporate Apparel Decoration Techniques and Locations

Get the most of your corporate apparel program by using different techniques, creative locations, and combining traditional decoration methods with new technology.  Below are just a few examples:

  1. Laser etching creates a tone-on-tone design, and it also allows for us to do some unique locations. Laser etching really lets us get to hard-to-reach places, like across a zipper, which is a trending style in retail. It can be subtle when used tone-on-tone.
  2. Direct-to-garment printing is infused into the material. It’s soft and comfortable (if it’s not comfy, they’re grumpy).  Great for full color for more impact and brand recognition.
  3. Debossing creates a subtle decoration that will not fade or wash away.  This method works well on cotton, polyester, leather, pleather, fleece and polar fleece fabrics. It is an extremely upscale look and a fresh alternative to traditional decorating techniques.
  4. Embroidery 2.0 : Re-think the way you look at embroidery by changing the location, design, or thread colors.  It can also be combined with other techniques like laser etching to create something unique and current.

The following blog post has more information on these techniques, which can be read here, and you can also watch a video here.

On-Demand Corporate Apparel 

If your needs are event driven, one-offs, or to support ongoing needs we can develop an ‘on-demand’ program, an inventory solution, or a combination of both to best suit your situation.

Corporate Apparel Brands

Look in your closet – what do you see?  A variety of styles, colors, and brands (quirky geniuses notwithstanding).  A successful corporate apparel program should mirror your closet at home, so diversity and a regular refresh of quality, recognizable brands is a must.  The brands you offer should meet the utility for the wearer, convey the image you want to portray, and represent your brand in a way that fits your corporate culture.   If you are a hip and cool technology start-up with a stable full of millennials, Van Heusen may not be a match.

This can be a little tricky, since some retail brand and styles may not necessarily available in the promotional distributor world, and there is a level of exclusivity that some manufacturers require for popular, brand name apparel – meaning sometimes only a small group of preferred distributors can sell them to you.  In addition, it can be a budget buster to offer brands like Under Armor, Travis Matthews, and Maui Jim if you are not working with the right supplier partner.

Regency360 has your corporate apparel program needs covered for every category, style, and budget, including, but not limited to, the brands below:

Corporate Wear –  Eagle Dry Goods, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Enro

Weekend Wear™ –  Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Burnside, Oakley, Izod, Polo

OuterwearThe North Face, Marmot, WeatherProof, Charles River, Spyder, Columbia

Headwear –  New Era, Outdoor Cap, Richardson Headwear, YuPoong, Ahead

Healthcare & ScrubsDickies, Cherokee, HeartSoul, Careisma, Code Happy, Sapphire, Landau

WorkwearML Kishigo, Dri-Duck, Red Kap, Dickies, Cornerstone, Carhartt