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Hurricane Harvey was a storm that unleashed an enormous amount of rain and destruction on the great state of Texas. Due to the effects of Harvey, many of the schools in the Southeast Texas area experienced severe damage and flooding, and will be closed for months while they are repaired. Not only were the buildings destroyed, but teachers lost all supplies they had purchased for their classroom that were supposed to last for the duration of the school year. With the help of the Regency360 team, Manning’s Office Solutions, a franchise of Regency360 that is based in Southeast Texas, was able to create an online donation page to help teachers and schools that were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Together, Manning’s Office Solutions and the Regency360 team were able to create a way for people to do what they do best in great times of need – GIVE. The donation page is set up so that anyone can make a general donation, or they can specify a school or teacher in the Southeast Texas area that they would like their donation to go to. Once the donation is made, Manning’s distributes gift cards to the recipients that are then used to restock the school supplies that they lost during the storm. For donors who are not familiar with the Southeast Texas area, there is a selection on the page to allow Manning’s to distribute their donation to a school or teacher who is still in need of supplies.


Thanks to the quick thinking and hard work of both Regency360 and Manning’s, a solution was created to help the leaders of our future by getting the schools and teachers of Southeast Texas back on their feet.