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It’s a late summer weekend and you’ve got a busy day ahead. Take the dog for a walk, play some games with the kids, a late lunch and then some afternoon golf with friends and some of your business partners. Ah, it’s good to be you!

With all the activity you have planned, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your clothes. You need something that is comfortable, yet professional. Fortunately, you have some amazing choices thanks to your company’s apparel program.

No, not the typical over-logoed polo, but some really nice pieces from a clothing brand that you’d normally wear, with subtle company branding that fits your lifestyle – both in and out of the office.

At Regency360, we took the traditional look and usage areas of corporate apparel and sat down to rethink the way that decorations and embroidery were done. How could we help create an excitement and a demand for company apparel programs?

This was the creation of a concept that we call Weekend Wear™. Apparel that your employees actually want to wear when they are not at work. And yes, it happens to have your employer’s logo on it.

Unique Corporate Apparel Decoration Techniques


    1. Laser etching
      Creates a tone-on-tone design, and it also allows for us to put logos on some unique and hard-to-reach places on the garment. This means that you can, for example, place a logo that would cross the zipper.
    2. Printing technique: Direct-to-garment
      This infuses the print right into the material, leaving the print soft and without that scratchy plastisol ink that you might normally get with a typical screen print. This allows for real comfort!
    3. Printing technique: Debossing
      A printing technique that is new to the industry, that creates a subtle decoration for a tone-on-tone appearance. This will allow for discrete placement of a logo without “degrading” an already branded garment. It’s also an excellent technique for rainproof garments.
    4. Embroidery
      By changing the location and the thread colors, you can get a garment branded with a logo in a subtle way, not screaming the brand.
In this video, you’ll get to see these decoration techniques and how they actually look on the garments:



The following garments were featured in this video:

These techniques, together with the flexibility of a proprietary company story platform, offers new flexibility to our customers so that they can give their employees a choice of what type of corporate apparel they’d like to wear, instead of providing them with a one-size-fits-all program.

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