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Gratitude. How can a company fully express to its employees the amount of gratitude felt every day for all the hard work, diligent effort, and integrity shown by it’s staff? It’s not an easy task when you work in the promotional items world and want to give a meaningful gift. It’s always said that “you are your worst customer” which makes finding a promotional item to gift to our staff for the end of the year a difficult task. Regency has undergone many changes in 2018 and we wanted to reflect on the last year and demonstrate a unique way our staff is special and essential to us. Our staff is our “secret sauce” for making every project a success.

Instead of gifting a personalized mug with a punny card or any number of techy promotional items, we went a different route and had our staff unknowingly build their own gifts. It started out as a tree of gratitude at Thanksgiving for each employee to write one thing they were thankful for this season and a word that represented an obstacle to overcome or goal that they want to achieve personally or professionally. Words were chosen such as Friends, Hope, Motivation, Leap, and Resilience. These are all words that have personal meaning to at least one of our employees.

The challenge then became, how can we incorporate and encourage our employees throughout this coming year and thank them for being a part of our success? We took all of the words given to us and merged them with our company logo to create a unique piece of art made up of the words that mean so much to our employees. This created a symbol and message that Regency is not possible without the efforts of each of our employees.

We used this artwork to create personal framed image for each employee giving them their word of choice to display on their desks. We wanted to recognize the individual strengths and the value they bring to Regency. Our staff goes above and beyond every day; they exemplify our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Innovation.