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A team of Regency360 representatives recently attended the PPAI Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They saw thousands of new and innovative Print, Promotional and Apparel items after walking miles to see every booth on the floor. Their goal was to come back with the best products and not just your “new widget”. The Convention is over and now its time to start sharing with you! Out of the thousands of products viewed at the show, the team has narrowed it down to a list of their top 15 products from PPAI Las Vegas. Which of these products catches your eye?

Knottie Tie Co.

Knotty tie not only makes a one-of-a-kind product using sustainable fabrics, but they create employment opportunities for resettling refugees to work in their trade and earn a fair living wage. Their products are made at their facility in Denver Colorado, and their sustainable fabrics reduce waste and environmental impact.


Que Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Drink from a full-fledged water bottle but collapse it down to half its size to transport. This flexible silicone bottle has spiraled grooves that collapse and expand like an accordion. Its stainless steel rim and cap keeps an air-tight seal that prevents leakage. Slip it into a backpack or purse and hydrate anywhere.

Logo My Glass

Logo My Glass has taken glass screen protectors to the next level. They started with top of the line, ultra strong, optically clear, scratch and smudge resistant tempered glass which is 5 to 7 times stronger than normal glass. They then developed a process to personalize or add a logo to the product. This makes the personalized marking permanent and does not affect the functionality or strength of the original phone glass or the protective glass. In addition to metallic and four color process printing, they have a printing technology that allows the logo to appear in the center of the screen protector when the phone screen is turned off, and then disappears when the screen is turned on.

Tribal Boards

A traditional 12 foot stand up paddle board can be challenging to carry, transport store or travel with. Tribal boards uses a blend of industrial materials to create their inflatable boards that can be rolled up into a small bag and taken anywhere. This same technology is so strong that it has been used to build floating docks, high pressure rescue lifting bags and military grade combat rafts. This material creates the inflatable paddle boards with flat surfaces that can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity. You get hardshell performance along with the easy transportation and storage of an inflatable. These boards are almost 100% customizable on every surface.

Native Union iPhone and Apple Watch Combination Charging Station

These marble combination charging docks for iphones and apple watches are the perfect accessory. Each dock comes with a braided, reinforced lightning cable, thoughtfully designed to compliment the tones of the marble and aluminum finish. The genuine marble is paired with a brushed aluminum for a sleek finish that will stand the test of time. The dock’s minimal design make a stylish addition to any space.

Bamboo Slate Smart Pad

Take handwritten notes and ideas further with Bamboo Slate. Write naturally with pen on any paper, then store, shape and share your notes and ideas in the cloud. Write your notes and ideas naturally with a pen on any paper. With the push of a button, Bamboo Slate converts your handwriting into “living” digital files. The Wacom Inkspace app lets you organize, edit and share your notes and sketches on your iOS or Android Bluetooth® enabled devices. With the Inkspace cloud service you can sync your notes in the cloud and access your work from anywhere at anytime

Augmented Reality Temporary Tattoos

Bring your brand to life with Augmented Reality Temporary Tattoos!Augmented Reality Tattoos are animated temporary tattoos that come to life with a free app. Watch as these temporary tattoos spring into action using cutting-edge technology, and render with stunning graphics on your mobile device. Combine the quality you expect from California Tattoos with stunning technology from HoloTats. These new augmented reality tattoos upgrade your giveaway to the next level of awesome!

The LEUCHTTURM1917 Weekly Planner

In the The LEUCHTTURM1917 Weekly Planner, a week is shown across a double page. Each day has its own box, and the days are printed from top to bottom and left to right. This notebook includes a 3 year overview, phases of the moon, official holidays in 58 countries, a project planning section, detachable sheets for notes, a gusseted pocket, 2 bookmarks, an elastic enclosure band, and extra pages for anniversaries and addresses. This is the perfect notebook for people who enjoy a well organized weekly planner.

OptiGraphics RevealSeries

The OptiReveal Series makes use of a curtain or other moving veil to allow your product or message to be shown in a theater like atmosphere. Imagine your product with the curtain being pulled back. Behind the curtain can be your message delivered in a memorable way that grabs your buyer’s attention. Water-activated products aren’t just exciting innovations, they’re an effective marketing technique with proven results. As the name suggests, with the water reveal printing technique, images appear after you pour water on the paper. With its innovative use of water activated inks, WaterReveal helps marketers stand out from the copetition. Used effectively, It created memorable mailers, sweepstakes games, contests, brochures and other promotional pieces. In addition to water, the reveal series includes ScratchReveal, DarkReveal, ThermoReveal, and other curtain techniques.

MyWraps Headphones

The unique patented design of Wraps means you can now wear your headphones on your wrist when you’re not using them. This eliminates the frustration of looking for your headphones only to find them lost or tangled in the bottom of your bag or pocket. Whether they are on your wrist as a stylish and comfortable bracelet, or in your ears as great sounding headphones, Wraps guarantees to be a must have accessory that also finishes off any outfit perfectly.

TumiPax Outerwear

TUMI’s outerwear collection incorporates five essential elements of design and style: mobility, engineering, functionality, shape and versatility. Thoughtful details, high-tech materials and water-resistant fabrics are used to create sophisticated outerwear that is ideal for travel, commuting and everyday outings. More than a very warm and lightweight down jacket, this puffer converts to a travel pillow through a hidden pouch in the collar (patent pending). Made from lightweight, water-resistant nylon and filled with down insulation, it has engineered seams to give it shape plus hidden pockets and front double entry pockets with exposed zippers and contrast lining and piping details. Packs easily for travel.

Flyington Selfie Drone

Ever wonder what a bird’s eye view looks like? Made to go above and beyond, the Flyington takes you on a ride of a lifetime. Remotely controlled through an app on your smart device, the Flyington does so much more than just fly. It takes real-time pictures (including selfies) and videos, features aerobatic flight, real-time camera transmission, and phone-tilt control. Small in size but big on thrills, the Flyington is loaded with a ton of flying fun! With a user-friendly interface, you’ll be soaring to new heights in no time!


Unlike an undershirt, ScrubSleeves are an easy on, easy off layer for effortless comfort. The color, sizing designs and customization capabilities make scrub sleeves the right choice for a unique and useful scrub accessory. They are moisture-wicking, have a no slip grib in the bicep, have full wrap around design capability, and are also good for indoor and outdoor use doe to their SPF 50.

Boltron Wireless Charging Pad

Keep your devices charged and ready to go when you are! The Boltron makes charging as simple as placing your device on a surface so you can grab and go without the hassle of a tangled mess or unplugging cords. The Boltron charging pad allows you to simultaneously charge 5 devices (2 via USB outputs and 3 wireless charging-enabled devices on the pad). Say hello to the future of charging.

360 WiFi Action Camera

The 360 Wifi Action Camera comes equipped with a 1080P HD lense and a 0.96″ LCD screen to take your photography to the next level. Through an App you can stream live video from your connected device with the 360 camera. The 360 Camera is capable of taking both pictures & video with crystal clear resolution in full 360 panoramic view. The footage can be transferred wirelessly to your email, cloud storage, or social media account. Along with the HD camera you will receive additional accessories, which include a waterproof case, helmet mount, and a handlebar mount. The case is waterproof up to 30 meters.