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It’s time to start thinking about what new pieces you want to update your company store with this year. We’ve asked around and have found some of the new styles for jackets that are pre-approved by our product experts. Brands like Spyder, North Face, and Eddie Bauer make the top of the list.

Various selections from Spyder

Spyder is my favorite jacket for ski season. If you’ve never tried out this brand, you’ll want to put it at the top of your list. The fabric technology and construction of their pieces make for fantastic quality and durability. This is unquestionably a great brand to have in a Company Store!


The North Face Cowl Neck Sweater

North Face has some new apparel items that are not your typical North Face gear, they’ve gone towards a trendier look. More so specifically, the pullover with a cowl neckline and a too good to be true lining that makes you want to sleep in it!


Various selections from Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer has great outdoor styles for apparel and all other camping/hiking gear. Their products are used for their actual purpose. You will love the soft-shell and how versatile it is.

The North Face ThermoBall Trekker Jacket

Love that it’s super soft, very light, and water resistant for any type of weather (snow or just plain cold).  It keeps you warm and looks cute without being too bulky like many other puffy-type jackets.


Ash City North End 3-in1 Jacket

I have an Ash City North End 3-in-1 jacket that I have had for 10 years. The outside water proof liner is Red, and the inner Fleece is Black.  The combination allows for flexibility in changing temps and activities. The design is classic and withstood fashion trends.  Great investment!


Collective Outer Shell Jackets

This combination jacket has hit it out of the park with the style of each individual piece to make this a must have. Each layer looks great on its own or can easily be put together in the set. It’s a tailored look and not as bulky as some layered jackets look and feel.


His and Hers Leather Jackets from Burks Bay by NuCom

Everyone loves a good leather jacket. These are easy to wear around a cold office and perfect for the brisk weather days. This style makes a statement and easy to pair with any outfit.