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One of best things about the season changing is that football is back! Football brings tailgating season and we have some serious tailgaters at our office that have shared some of their favorite “must-have” items for a successful tailgate. We’ve got the top picks, some football predictions and some great stories from these employees.

Stephanie Page, Our Director of Strategic Account Development, has this Corkcicle Tumbler as a must have.

Tailgating is all about the drinks!  In the South, it’s still very hot during football season so a tumbler to keep your drink cold is a must!  My favorite brand is Corkcicle, and the 24 oz. tumbler does the job! 

What team will you be cheering on this season?  THE University of Texas Longhorns…duh!

Who do you predict will play in the Super Bowl?  I’m going Patriots and Saints.   Why? Well because Tom Brady is a machine.  And Drew Brees is an Austin, TX hometown hero.

Any other fun fact or story you’d like to share?  I just moved to Raleigh, NC and this will be the first time since 2005 I haven’t been at the first home game in Austin.  Wolfpack tailgating better live up to the hype to help me get through this difficult time LOL!

Connor Allegood, one of our Key Account Managers, is all about the games at a Tailgate. Her pick; a game set! She loves bean bag toss! it’s extremely easy to set up and always makes for great entertainment!

What team will you be cheering on this season? Every team but UNC Chapel Hill (ABC-Anything But Carolina). NC State and Duke are my top two teams!

Who do you predict will play in the Super Bowl? Hopefully, the Carolina Panthers! But it will probably be the New England Patriots….

This is what Caitlin George, Key Account Manager, chose as her top pick for tailgating products!

You can’t ever go wrong with a good cooler, but the Grill-N-Style Apron Tailgate set seems like the total package.  It has cooking tools mixed in with the traditional Apron. My dad cooked at tailgates for about 20 years total, and this would have definitely come in handy!

What team will you be cheering on this season? Texas A&M University! WHOOP!

What’s your favorite football game memory? A&M vs Nebraska in 2010 – it was my freshman year of college and I was sitting with my dad and sister. The game was so cold and ended up being a defensive battle. Final score was 9-6 in A&M’s favor. Was one of the loudest and most intense games I have ever been to!

Sam Turner, an Account Executive, goes for the music!

Definitely the UE Magaboom Bluetooth Speaker. Good music is almost as important as cold beverages at a tailgate.

What team will you be cheering on this season? Auburn Football and the Carolina Panthers!

What’s your favorite football game memory? Definitely the “Kick 6.” If you haven’t seen it, give it a Google. “AUBURN IS GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME!!!”

Sholes Homewood, Senior Account Executive, is our resident tailgate expert in Raleigh. His top pick?

I would have to say my JBL4 speaker.  It is essential for every game to keep the pump up jams rocking. The JBL it’s extremely durable and has a long lasting battery life.

What team will you be cheering on this season? NC State, always NC State.

What is your favorite game day attire? I once left a wedding reception that I was in to go into the second half of a game.  I was in my tuxedo.

What’s your favorite football game memory? I have spent a lot of time in Carter Finely Stadium.  Seen a lot of great wins and some crushing defeats.  I would say my favorite memory was from 1998.  NC State was playing the best team in the country, FSU.  They had only been beaten once ever in the ACC.  We were 31 point underdogs.  My dad finally let me come to a BIG game.  I had a weird feeling about the game, and I expressed to my Dad “We are going to win the ballgame today”.  He looked at me like I was nuts and blew off my statement.  Opening play of the game, Peter Warrick from FSU took an 80 yard pass play to the house… My dad looked at me like “I told you so”.  Well, next thing you know my favorite NC State player of all time, Torry Holt, returns a punt 68 yards for a TD.  He would finish with 9 catches for 135 yards and a touchdown.  State won 24-7.  My dad listened to my opinions about Wolfpack Football a little closer after that.