Cost effective distribution of your operational items, marketing collateral and brand merchandise requires a capable, outsourced partner. Our integrated inventory module, along with professional logistics, will give you the control you need and the confidence that you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Reduced Costs

Purchasing larger quantities of certain products that are used frequently can lower unit costs by 30% or more.


Get the materials to your end your users quickly and efficiently.  With strategically located warehouses around the US, most products arrive within days from when the order is placed.

Automated & Integrated

Complete integration from the front end to the back-end system means orders are processed quickly, smoothly, and accurately.

Flexibility & 3PL

Our platform is vendor neutral and has the flexiblity to add additional suppliers and warehouses as needed. If you need orders to be redirected to non-Regency360 suppliers, we can provide one native platform for products that you source elswhere.

Reporting, Tracking & Order Visibility

Real time information is available to help you make fact based decisions when managing your program, including reports on Inventory levels, and re-order points.  Know what you have, what you have used, what you need,  and when you need to re-order it.

For the end user, inventory at the item level, shipment notifications, and tracking information.

Kitting and Fulfillment Services

We can handle your fulfillment related needs as needed.

Custom Billing & Reporting

Eliminate the chaos of with multiple suppliers and hundreds of invoices.  Increase speed, reduce the time associated with allocating costs, data entry and reconciliation.  Reduce or eliminate errors.